World Natural Strongman Federation (WNSF)

1378879_662150097162800_10786058_n_megalo Full Olympic acceptance means that Natural Strongman may one day be accepted as a legitimate sport like any other Olympic sport. This means that Natural Strongman will have the same prestige as other Olympic athletes and will have the opportunity to represent their countries on a world level during future Olympic Games in case of Olympic acceptance. If everything goes according to the directions and plans of WNSF than every national federation that is a member of the WNSF will be allowed to send a team of up to 5 athletes (and 2 delegates). A national federation selects Olympic candidates to represent Natural Strongman. The same system applies to all Olympic sports. WNSF follows the exact same drug testing rules as dictated by the International Olympic Committee. WNSF is directing its full efforts towards getting Natural Strongman accepted as a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games, which will take place in London, England, in 2012. DEAR FRIENDS OF THE NATURAL STRONGMAN SPORT     The use of new technology to enable fast and efficient communication worldwide, through the internet and email, is becoming more and more important. Particularly for a fast growing international sport federation like ours it is very useful to use these facilities productively.     So, with these few words, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the new website of the World’s Natural Strongman Federation  (WNSF).     Natural Strongman is an exciting, vibrant sport which is accessible to those of almost every age, gender and physical capacity. It is practiced in all of the continents and has many hundreds of thousands of individual adherents or athletes, coaches and officials worldwide. The underpinning of Natural Strongman is in the gymnasiums of the world and this base level of participation provides an inexhaustible wellspring of or our competitive sport.     We wish you an enjoyable and informative visit to our website and hope that you will find what you are looking for. If not, perhaps look for the homepages of the different National Natural Strongman Federations or the Regional Federations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Oceania and South America.


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